2017 Custom Design Guideline

Offering custom designs and color options has been reported as a successful feature by our distribution. It also has opened up creative ideas to improve the overall look of the canoes as well as give the customer involvement in the process, bringing the factory side of things a bit closer.

Moving forward, we need rules and limitation so we can supply more canoes and keep customer satisfaction. We are close to our target and monitor them closely on each order.

We need your help to keep these rules in mind when you place your orders, so here is a refresher on our PO requirements.

The current limitation on colors and graphics options are:

1. 7% target to 10% maximum NEW/CUSTOM graphics per order. This means 7 new art designs per container.  Upcharges are in effect.

2. 2.3 colors on average per PO, this includes custom designs.  All colors added together divided by the numbers of boats.

3. Stencil/template art is permitted from the catalog on the OIS but needs to stay within the color rules. New patterns are considered custom and fall under rule #1.

4. You can have a 2 color featured design that is approved by the production team unique to your dealership. Contact support@outriggerzone.com to design your template.

Examples and explanations:

Rule 1: New designs require draft placement and adjustment and interpretation, thus the need to limit.  As a dealer, you need to make sure all art provided is in vector format.

Rule 2: Example:
Boat 1 = White boat/Black logos= 2 ratio
Boat 2 =  White Hull, Black desk/Silver logos= 3 ratio
Boat 3 = Orange Hull/White deck/White and orange logos (opposite on each color) = 2 ratio
7 colors/ 3 boats = 2.33 color ratio.

Easiest way to control the color ratio is:
A. No third color pin lines separating deck and hull colors.
B. Contrasting logo colors using colors on the canoe already as in boat #3 above.
C. Single color canoes with single logo color i.e Silver boat with black logos.

If you have questions email support@outriggerzone.com if you need a custom design use the form here: http://ois.outriggerzone.com/custom-design/

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