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  • Step 1: Submit Form

  • Step 2: Receive Mockup

  • Step 3: Approve Mockup

  • Step 4: Track Progress

Free Custom Design Options:

  • Each canoe gets 2 Colors on the hull, and 1 customization for free! 
  • A 3rd color can be used on the ama (see diagram for example)

Choose 1 Option For Free
Any additional customization has a $100 surcharge each

  1. 1 Catalog Graphic (mirrored graphic ok – see diagram for example)
  2. Ama with Graphic
  3. Cockpit differently colored from the deck
  4. Deck differently colored from the hull
  5. Stripe
  6. Split

Extra Customization (with Surcharges):

  • Catalog Graphics – $100 each
  • Custom Graphics (not in catalog) – $200 each
  • 3 Colors – $100
  • 4 Colors – $200
  • More than 4 colors – $200 (4 color surcharge) + $200 per additional color

General Customization Notes

  • Graphics: Multiple graphics or large graphics – added surcharge
  • Colors: If your design has 3 or more colors – added surcharge
  • Complexity: If a design has multiple colors and many graphics that are complex in nature – added surcharge
  • Custom graphics: Graphics not in our current catalog – added surcharge
  • Mask Templates: See OIS Designs for approved template masks, some will have a surcharge

Available Colors

ozone Color options Outriggr

Keep in mind that colors appear differently on digital display screens than on painted products. Colors are also affected by layering and the usage of other colors in the design.

Graphics (or submit your own)


OC6 (Malolo & Vortex)

  • New policy as of June 1st 2021
  • No metallics (Aina Red, Metal Blue, Quick Silver, Dark Metal Gunship, Ali’i Gold)
  • The only exception: You may use on standard brand logos Ozone, Puakea, Malolo, Flying Fish)

Design Rules and Guidelines

  1. Graphics should not span wider than 150CM (3 grid squares) or 50cm tall (1 square)
  2. Standard Logos cannot be removed or re-scaled from designations
    (Model, Brand, Ozone)
  3. Graphics can only overlap one color at a time. Graphics can’t overlap a split/multiple color section. Ex: a picture
  4. No graphics inside the cockpit unless a standard designation (Gemini iwa birds are designated)
  5. 2 Colors max per Ama: base color + graphics. No seam lines, deck splits, or pinstripes on Ama.
  6. No graphics on the inside of Ama (Starboard side)
  7. Stripes or color sections should not be curved
  8. Added Text boxes should be used in the “note” section (white space in draft) only
  9. Texts on canoes are considered custom graphics and should be created as a graphics with files attached
  10. See approved masks for color sections, stripes, chevrons, and shapes. Custom masks will be considered a custom graphic.

Diagram – Examples