Customer Approval / Production Approval

A quick update to the OIS to improve draft approval process and PO completion.

  • Last month we introduced the “Customer Approval” field so we can green light / approve designs from the sales/customer level.
    This will work in conjunction with the “Production Approval” field. The idea is to have both sides of the process agree on a design with a green light.
  •  So if a dealer submits a design, but they are waiting for the customer to approve, the draft will be marked “Not approved” in the customer approval field (Red light).
  • Once the customer has approved, the dealer or customer will change to “Customer approved, waiting admin approval”, which will yellow light the field. Admin, Naim or Wendy, will check the order for accuracy, if everything checks it will be “Customer and Admin Approved” Green light.
  • The production team will be notified that the draft is green and ready for their review. Upon which they will deny, or approve (Red Light or Green Light). If Red, the comment section will hold the directions on what to change (ie: Colors are incorrect, logos are missing, graphics do not align etc).
  • The process continues until the 2 sides have Green lights.
  • The goal is for both lights to be green. If they are not, the canoe will not be painted, and if missing the Colors Due Date it might miss the shipment. So please manage your PO’s regularly (once or twice a week when staging a PO and every day if you are approaching Colors Due Date.
  • NOTE: Once a draft order has 2 green lights, it can be Painted at anytime. So if something changes to the order and you are not CERTAIN you want it painted as it is, please RED LIGHT the draft.
  • NOTE 2: Blue Light. Once a draft order is printed for the paint booth, it is now in “Blue Light” and cannot be changed. This is the final stage of the draft order status.
  • Questions? Shoot me a message at

See video screencast for more clarity.

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