OIS Update: Geotarget Inventory + Location Label

Aloha Ozone Dealers,

A quick notice to explain a new update to the inventory index.

A problem we have encountered (and expressed by some of you), has been customers shopping different dealers inventory or confused as to what is available to the customer locally and what is not.

To resolve this, I have added a Geographic location script that will query the inventory data based on the customer’s location (using their IP address). For example, if the customer is in California, the inventory will show canoes and kayaks in California ONLY.

What about dealers and customers that need to see inventory while traveling or prior to moving? No problem, simply create an account or log in and the Geotarget script will be disabled.

Locations Update

In addition to Geotarget, the inventory items will also show the location of the canoe or kayak. For example, in Hawaii, if the inventory is located in Maui, it will be labeled “Location: Maui” near the status label. The idea here is to clarify for the customer where the product is located and thereby improve the experience further. See example below (I used Kahele as an example and “Hawaii” as the location, since we have inventory on multiple islands, you will see all the available inventory and the island where it is located)

Search inventory with locations

Potential Problems caused by Geotarget 

  • Customers who are blocking their location will not see any inventory (privacy settings)
  • Customer who are shopping canoes and kayaks while traveling or away from the location they wish to purchase
  • Dealers reviewing other dealers inventory
  • Customers too far from any dealer to see inventory

For all of the above issues, for now, please simply have your customer create an account on the OIS. When logged in, they will not have *Geotarget restrictions.








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