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Date: April 20th, 2020
Subject: Volare Design Brief
Draft: Naim
Contributors: Johnny, Mike, Brian, Maddie, Jimi,

By Puakea Designs


The Volare is a larger volume OC1 built for downwind conditions and larger paddlers with an adjustable footbrace.


  • To be a better downwind boat for medium to large size paddlers
  • To be a better flatwater boat for large paddlers
  • To allow fine tuning of the trim by incorporating an adjustable footbrace


  • LOA: 19’6”
    Overall length 19ft 6in
  • LWL: 18’8″
    Waterline length 18ft 8in


The Volare (which means to fly) was designed for bump riding and for larger paddlers in the flat. While the Kahele is great for flat to small water and lighter paddlers in the surf, the Volare is designed for medium to rough water and larger paddlers in the flat.

The Volare, at 19’-6”, is 3” longer than the Kahele, but has a waterline that is 6” shorter, giving a bit more rocker. The Volare has additional volume under the seat – ⅝” wider at the waterline. The cockpit has been lengthened and widened.  The rudder is further forward to improve control in the surf.

The Volare is the *first Ozone Built production OC-1 to incorporate an adjustable footbrace. The rider can calibrate the trim of the canoe for his height, weight, and water conditions.  With this feature, cockpit placement is no longer a compromise.


Volare designer Johnny Puakea“We looked at the best parts of the Kahele, and designed a fuller boat for bigger conditions and bigger paddlers maintaining the flatwater speed the Kahele is known for. Our goal is to help paddlers to find their best stroke, be physically comfortable and have the most fun, in as many conditions as they like. The Volare is our latest innovation in the evolution of the OC1.”


  • When compared to the Kahele, it has more volume in the middle, a shorter waterline,and  a longer length overall.
  • The adjustable footbrace allows riders to move forward or back depending on conditions.
  • Due to the added costs in the construction and materials of the footbrace, there is an additional cost of $150 USD.
  • Please do not announce the Volare on Social Media, websites, blogs, any digital platform, or to an audience until it has been officially announced to the public by Ozone and Puakea Designs.
  • The Volare is also available as a Pro Model, eliminating 2-3 lbs weight. The logos and cockpit can be a customized color, however, no graphics or color changes to the hull, which is brushed primer.
  • Approximately 165-250 lbs is the ideal weight for paddlers in flat to small waters
  • Approximately 145-230 lbs is the ideal weight for paddlers in rough water

* Editors note: The proto Storm also had an adjustable footbrace, as well as some other manufacturers.


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Volare spin
Volare Feature Highlights

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Volare and Kahele Size Guide

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