Memo: Moisture Bubbles in Paint – How to avoid

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Small moisture bubbles may occur in the paint of a canoe or ama if the canoe is wet and the water trapped when stored where it cannot dry.  For example, a wet canoe in a cover or wrapped in material, or wet under the seat, that is stored in a place where it cannot dry; will form moisture bubbles.

Dealer Handling

  • Avoid (at all costs) unloading and sorting shipments in the rain.
  • In transport, it might be impossible to avoid, if you suspect new boats have been exposed to moisture, rain, water etc, please dry the boats.
  • Remove plastic wrap if the canoe gets wet. Plastic cling wrap is used to hold the tiller in place during shipping, this can trap moisture, please remove if canoe gets wet.
  • Dry canoes in a safe place, on a rack,  let air dry or towel dry if necessary.
  • Check under the seat for moisture and towel dry and let air dry.

Customer Handling

  • Educate your customer about moisture bubbles. They will only occur if the canoe is wet and covered where it cannot dry.
  • Remind them that it might be a good practice to towel dry before placing in covers and storing in a place where it cannot dry (damp, dark etc).
  • Check under the seat for moisture if storing.


  • Try to place the canoe in direct sun to remove moisture bubbles, some may disappear, if the paint softens, try to press them down. Contact for repair support.
  • Decals can be a creative way to resolve the issue. Contact for ideas or customized artwork.

Example of Moisture Bubbles below:


Moisture bubbles on oc1

Moisture bubbles


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