OIS Updates September 2018

UPDATE #1 of 2

A quick update to the OIS you should note.

> We have been having issues with draft order mockups being changed after painting.
To resolve this:

  • Please be sure the draft page is refreshed before you edit a design (if the window has been open for a long time, just hit F5 to reload it).
  • If the design is printed it will be marked with a  ●  blue light in the Production Approval field
  • If so, the edit and re-mock buttons will not show
  • If there is a problem, please change the Customer Approval to red and make a comment on the draft order. It would be best to tag planning @planning-wpcoutriggerzone-com as they can verify if it is too late to fix. For example: “Is it possible to make a late change to this design? The customer wants red logos not blue now. @planning-wpcoutriggerzone-com”

Update #2 of 2

Customer/Dealer Draft Approval sequence has been updated.

Red: Not Ready, needs approval by customer and admin
Yellow: Approved by customer, needs approval by Admin
Green: Approved by customer and admin

NOTE: Only admin can change to green. Dealer and customer can change from to Yellow or Red, but not to green. If you have a problem with a draft you can still change it to Red.

NOTE 2: Once a draft is Customer Approval (Green) and Production Approval (Green) IT CAN BE PAINTED AT ANY TIME, EVEN BEFORE COLORS DUE DATE.


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