SSL Enabled: Ozone site updates

Aloha Team,

This is a quick notice to let you know that SSL is now enabled on our main website Moving forward the URL will be instead of

The SSL protocol and certificate encrypts the data and creates more trust between our site and other platforms, including Google, Microsoft, internet browsers, and apps. This will serve us in a number of ways moving forward.

You do not need to change anything, as the HTTP links will automatically redirect to HTTPS.

> The OIS will be on Flexible SSL until this Saturday. I will make the change while the OIS is not being used.

SSL will improve security, reliability and give us the opportunity to build new extensions and plugins for the OIS.

For example (OIS Improvements coming soon):

  • Push Notifications: 
    If you use the OIS daily to monitor Purchase Orders and Inventory, push notifications will sound and popup on your screen (if you allow) when new activity occurs.
  • Off Site WordPress Plugin for Dealers and Sales Agents:
    Do you want to show your inventory and draft order list to your customers BUT on your own website site? If you are using WordPress (hosted) simply activate our OIS Dealer Plugin, enter your dealer info, and the plugin will query the database.
  • PO Calendar with notification:
    Did that ‘color due date’ sneak up on you to quick? Stay ahead of it and keep all your PO’s, due dates and shipment arrivals in quick and easy view with email notifications that will update when the dates are updated.

If you are getting the hang of using the OIS (which many are) and you see ways in which the OIS could be improved, please drop me an email with “OIS Improvement” in the subject line. Please include as much detail as possible.

PS: If you are looking for an easier to use a designer, please be patient, as a simpler designer means less customizable areas, which is not ideal in many cases. I have come up with a new approach to this and will introduce this once the other updates are complete.



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